AABB Gold Token (AABBG)

The unique strength of Asia Broadband that differentiates the Company from competitors, and generates distinctive value for shareholders, is the vertical integration approach to sales transactions. With the launch of AABB Gold, a newly minted ERC-20 gold-backed token, and with the launch of AABB Wallet, Asia Broadband expects to become a world leader in providing a standard of exchange that is of excellent quality, is secure, transparent, trusted, and backed by gold.

AABB Gold Token
The New, Global Standard of Exchange

AABB Wallet


  • Send and receive crypto instantly
  • Send AABB Gold and other crypto by email, SMS, or social media!
  • Anonymity is our priority. Transactions are invisible to third-parties
  • Sleep like a baby knowing your crypto is safe with passphrase and PIN code protection
  • B2C and B2B transactions. AABB Wallet can do it efficiently
  • Boost your B2C and B2B referral program
  • Quickly exchange your crypto!
  • Use AABB Gold as your main currency for all your gold-related transactions
AABB Wallet
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