Asia Broadband Inc. is committed to operating its business with a code of conduct that is directed by ethics and respect for its personnel, community and environment. Minimizing the footprint and impact in our areas of operations while providing economic benefit to everyone associated and connected to the Company is our mission statement.

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Creating a corporate environment that allows for hiring and maintaining a highly capable and professional workforce over the long-term to consistently and safely move toward achieving our goals is the key to our current and long-term success.


As a developing company, we are committed to building a stronger infrastructure to communicate and engage more effectively with our personnel, stakeholders, governments and regulators. Our primary focus is on sustaining and developing our good standing within the local community, but we will continue to improve our operations, programs and contributions to provide a net social and economic benefit to all communities impacted by our business.


Mining activities will always have an impact on the environment, but it our goal and mission to minimize this impact and sustain a net social and economic benefit to all people that are affected by our operations. Planning, risk, safety and regulatory protocols must be strictly followed in conducting our daily operations to ensure the long-term success and satisfaction of all impacted parties.